Artwork (Adorn your pad with panache) The right piece of artwork can provide the mood you want for your room. At J’Adorn, we have a full range of selectively chosen artwork designed to let you express yourself perfectly. For your walls, we have everything from stretched canvases to silk screened pieces, posters to beautifully matted […]


Curiosities (Unique and unusual finds) Some things defy categorization – but sometimes, those are the pieces that bring us the most delight. We are always on the lookout for items that appeal on more than one level: something with a story, or some history, or that are otherwise unique. When we find them, we bring […]


Furnishings (Statement furniture and accent pieces) If you don’t want your home to look like everyone else’s, J’Adorn has got you covered. We carry pieces you won’t find everywhere else: from soaring mirrors that will make your room to delicately carved wooden tables that will tuck perfectly into a corner. Or wrought iron, tin and […]


Jewellery (Jewellery striking and unique – just like you) “Wow.” That’s the word we hear most often when people see our jewellery selection. At J’Adorn, we have everything from perfectly priced necklace-and-earring sets, to handmade wearable works of art by local artists, to international lines by famous designers. We can even arrange to have custom […]


Lighting (Showstopping chandeliers and lighting) Some say our jaw-dropping selection of chandeliers is part of what makes J’Adorn J’Adorn. We say, they would look even more amazing in your home. Like jewellery for your room, nothing can enhance a space more than a perfectly chosen lamp, pendant or light fixture. We have all styles, from […]


Mirrors (Reflect your good taste) Mirror, mirror, on the wall — reflecting beauty on us all. Any area can benefit by adding a mirror. You can visually enlarge a space, channel light, keep an eye on things, or double (or more!) a beautiful view. Use them in any room to add a spark of interest, […]

Wee Ones

Wee Ones (Toys, books, art and vintage – for kids!) The best baby and children’s gifts come from J’Adorn, because we search out the tried-and-true (classic and vintage inspired), the parent-and-paediatrician approved (toys, night lights, and more), and the just plain fun (imaginative play, flights of fancy, and even great youngster décor). Your kids will […]